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Freelance Client: Euclid Garden

Earlier this month, a non-profit named Euclid Gardens reached out to me seeing if I could do some work for them and their new organization. After learning more about their mission, I was all in. A little bit about the client: 

'Euclid' is a group home for girls ages 13-17 being released from YGC (juvenile incarceration) in San Francisco. While working as a live-in counselor at the 'Euclid' group home, I shared my love of gardening with the girls by bringing plants and seeds from home to grow in the backyard. The girls reacted well to the addition —caring for the plants became an escape from their intensely stressful lives and continues to teach them independence, nutrition, patience, and respect for the environment and each other. Seeing the positive effect the small garden already had, I was inspired to bring more supplies and seedlings to the home to expand the garden.

I got started right away, especially because they were about to begin a new gardening project and were trying to recieve donations. Our goal was to create awareness through Instagram posts, set up a simple informational website, and create a simple logo. 

I wanted the icons to be simple, and communicate with the overall goal of the organization as well as the actual act of gardening. I feel like both go hand in hand: growth, planting/seeding, and nutrition. They are also easy to apply to things on their website and Instagram posts. I tried isolating some of the icons in 7, 8, and 9 just incase they felt like focusing on only one of those elements.  Euclid Garden decided on option 6 for their logo.

Below are some examples of the logo applied to both their Instagram page and website. I felt as if Instagram would be a great platform to gain awareness for them. I used images that related to the standard content found on instagram posts so that it blended into followers feeds. The images are also easy for other users or followers to post onto their own Instagram page or share. We are hoping to get some better images soon as well!  

These are some more options I created for future posts.

Since they have a tight budget, we needed to find a free platform for their website so we went with wix for a temporary website. The main goal is to communicate their mission and hopefully get people over to their donation page. You can visit the page live here.

This is still very much a work in progres, but so far me and the client are both very happy with the results. I will keep updated this to keep you informed. :)