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Ai Weiwei + Andy Warhol

During my trip to Melbroune I was lucky enough to see the Ai Wei Wei and Andy Warhol exhibition. Even though I wasn't really a huge fan of their work, the branding really peaked my interested so I decided to go and I am super happy I did. 

I never realized all of the similarities between both artist. And the way the museum decided to display the artwork clearly showed that. Each room touched on a different medium and how both artist approached it. I spent the entire day there because of how much work was displayed and probably could've done a second round. 

Presenting the work of both artists, the exhibition explores modern and contemporary art, life and cultural politics through the activities of two exemplary figures – one of whom represents twentieth century modernity and the ‘American century’; and the other contemporary life in the twenty-first century and what has been heralded as the ‘Chinese century’ to come.


I was also inspired by the activism behind both their artwork, and how they created art with a strong meaning behind it and to improve the world to some extent. One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was this room that used the list of names of children killed during an earth quake in China which was used as a wallpaper in the room. 

And lastly, the children's part of the exhibit might have been one of my favorites because...cats...and a photo booth.

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