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Post 1 : Delayed Resolution

This year, I got started on some resolutions early hoping to maybe keep them. I have kept one (training for a half marathon) and as that is near the end (yay!), I've decided to go ahead and think of new ones. If I can start a resolution early, why not start one late? 
I want to improve as a designer. This week was tough school wise. Lately, I have felt defeated, and unhappy with my work. But while I was reflecting, I realized that just last year I was applying for the creative program at SMU. In other words, I reminded myself that I am new to this. While I have learned a lot, I have way more to learn and a lot more failures to come. 
My skills need improvement and the only way to do that is by practice. Countless designers do this, several with WAY more experience under their belt. I've been saying I would do this for a while now, and I think it is time to get started and hold myself accountable. 

I did some research and found a fantastic article with some tips and examples of how I can better myself as a designer. 

Below are a few more things I hope to begin doing to improve my skill set:

1. Learn to draw (nothing fancy) 

2. Make more thumbnails for projects

3. Mood boards, mood boards, mood boards

4. Gather inspiration daily (everywhere and anything)

5. Practice daily

6. Fail more   


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