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Hypnotic Donuts Mood Board and Inspiration

Hypnotic Donuts:

My new client in my logo design class. Decided to start the first step:

Make a mood board (one of my delayed resolutions). I was reading earlier this week an article from my boyfriends co-worker Becky Lin, an incredibly talented young designer. 

Here's what she had to say about mood boards:

Why are mood boards so important to you?
All visual cues are represented on a mood board. This is an efficient way to present your vision for both print and Web design. A mood board includes things such as typography, color, photography style and illustration style.
As a designer we visualize everything in our heads first and these ideas can easily misinterpreted by both our team and clients. At 70kft it’s best practice to ensure everyone is on the same page.
As example, a mood board may be used when designing a logo for a brand. It’s purpose it to ensure the brand’s logo represents the company accurately and tells the brand’s full story.


Here's what I came up with for Hypnotic Donuts (and for the record, yes I did get very hungry while making this)

Here's a little info about my client:

Hypnotic Donuts is the home of Dallas’ original craft donut shop.  However, never call us boutique because that is not our style.  We are a bunch of fun loving, laid back souls that work hard to produce a great product by making everything in house by hand and using quality ingredients. 
Hypnotic Donuts was created in June of 2010 with one simple mission “create the ultimate donut experience and have fun along the way”.  

We use quality ingredients and we make everything in-house by hand. 
All of our donuts are trans fat-free.
Hypnotic Donuts was created because James (creator) would always get donuts and realized they all looked and tasted the same no matter where he was.  After doing research he found that out of 920 donut stores in the DFW area about 90% of them were using the same supplier.  The other 10% consisted of national chains.  After discovering this the Dallas Donut Revolution was on.

EDIT// Click photo for the finished project!

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